Do you have a job you love?  If so excellent.

Is your career taking twists and turns?

If you aren’t loving your work is it because of your boss?  Do you have a Bad Boss?

I know a Bad Boss is certainly something I relate to.

Michelle Gibbings has written a book titled Bad Boss – What to do if you work for one, manage one, or are one.

I met Michelle year’s ago when I attended her careers session at a conference. Michelle was a bubbly presenter who had everyone attending creating all sorts of approaches for our workplaces. Since then I enjoy receiving Michelle’s weekly Friday email about change in the workplace.  I distribute this email to my team and we often find the topic has a serendipitous connection with our current situations. 

Michelle’s most recent book Bad Boss is about challenging yourself, understanding what is going on in your workplace and taking charge of your actions to make your workplace the best is can be.  I’ve enjoyed reading it as it resonates with me on many levels.

Years ago I worked for a Bad Boss.  Our work ethics were miles apart.  This made my life stressful.  One of my mentors pointed out that “I can’t change reality”.  My boss was never going to change. For a while this advice made my life even more stressful…. Until I realised it was my attitude that could be changed.  My boss’s behaviour wasn’t going to change. I realised in my role I had the autonomy to do what I wanted to do and the tasks my boss requested of me, to complete the tasks required of him, set me up for getting the job I have now.  So although you may think you have a Bad Boss it may not be such a bad thing. Now I am a boss I read this book to provide me with tips on how to be a Good Boss.

There is great news for you if your Bad Boss is having you considering a career change.  Michelle has also written a book titled Career Leap – How to reinvent and libertate you career. I loved reading this book as it stepped me through the Career Reinvention Cycle: Assess; Architect; Activate and Accelerate you career.

With COVID19 changing our work environment considerably Career Leap might be just the book for you. Is the industry your working in undergone major restructure or become redundant?  Have you been thinking for a while – What is it I really want to do?

I have taken a few Career Leaps in my working life. Training in the Fashion Industry resulted in a 10 year career. The demise in the Fashion Industry in my country had me retrain as an accountant. Studying part time and working full time enabled the transition.  Working for one of the big four accounting firms had me studying and working full time again to become a Chartered Accountant.  I’d also consider having kids as another Career Leap.  Having kids certainly teaches you about life on many levels.

I know from talking to my friends that it is common to wonder if you’re on the right path. Career Leap has you step through what you love doing, where you are financially and what additional skills you may require. Given all these factors you are put in the driver’s seat to take your Career Leap.

As I was reading Career Leap I was considering my own options.  If you are reading this it is partially attributable to Michelle Gibbings book Career Leap.

Thank you Michelle. I highly recommend both of these books.

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