Dragons are wonderful creatures. Whether dragons are mythical, or based on an animal that once roamed the world, has been debated for centuries. Regardless of their actual existence dragons have made their way into our hearts.

For me dragons are gorgeous jeweled creatures with sparkling, incandescent blue and purple scales highlighted with silver. Dragons are exquisite, cunning, fiery, impeccable, powerful, ancient, magical and all-knowing. They fly with effortless grace.

More Jewels For You

Having finished the Dragon Trilogy by Carole Wilkinson about Ping the Dragon Keeper I am forever hopeful that there are dragon communities living in the mountains. If dragons are extinct or mythical we have kept them alive in our hearts. Carole Wilkinson books are great for anyone over eight years old. I first discovered the series as an audio book and loved it so much I bought the second and third books.

Some people write about dragons others create them. Keita Okada sculpts many wonderful creatures including dragons. The dragon featured above is by Keita Okada and I think it is incredible.

Scroll through the dragons below for more fabulous examples.

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