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Laughter is the best medicine.  Here we are at the end of the year and we may find ourselves tired and stressed.  Rather than focus on this lacklustre state I prefer to work on boosting my mood. I watch an enjoyable movie – Ocean’s Eleven was my choice the other night. Take things less seriously and look for the funny side of things are other methods I try. Thinking of things that made you laugh in the past can help. Or making other people laugh.

We all have different senses of humour. Different things amuse us. Timing can also play an important part in whether we laugh or not. I prefer subtle, clever humour over what I refer to as sledge hammer humour.  I like piecing the parts together and see things slowly unravel, rather than be given the same message three times. Comedians who start their stand up routines with seemingly unconnected stories and then wrap it all up by bringing all the parts together are wonderful. 

Laughter has been proven to benefit us in many ways: adding joy and zest to our lives; improving our mood; relieving stress; boosting immunity; decreasing pain and enhancing teamwork. So don’t hold back – find ways to fit laughter into your day!

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Here are some of my favourite comedies. Which are your favorites?

What makes you laugh?