These intriguing and magnificent doors tell their own stories – without knowing what lies beyond. These stunning doors are wonderful examples of creativity from all around the world. Imagine what stories these doors would tell.  Which is your favourite?

#1 Landsberg, Bavaria, Germany photo by Robert Naso #2 Florence, Italy photo by Rameses Orosco #3 Ystad, Sweden photo by Antony McAulay #4 Rue Bellevue, Brussels, Belgium photo by Christophe Lequint #5 Mallorca, Barcelona, Spain photo by Arnim Schultz #6 Unknown #7 Saint-Paul’s Church Paris, France photo by Guilia #8 North Wells Street, Chicago, America photo by Sally Hunter #9 Fez, Morocco photo by Thierry Beauvir

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Fez, Morocco Lonely Planet summary indicates Fez, in its heyday. attracted scholars, philosophers, mathematicians, lawyers, astronomers and theologians. Craftsmen built houses and palaces and merchants offered wares from the silk road. These gold mosque doors are certainly an indication of the wonders of Fez and the skills of the craftsmen.