My first zucchini for the season has been grated on wraps. My apricots were delicious. My apples, nectarines and plumbs are not quite ripe. My tomato plants have flowers. I’m very excited to be growing my own tomatoes again. 

Years ago I put in veggie patches and grew all sort of yummy things – corn (home grown corn is my absolute favourite food), broccoli, cauliflowers, potatoes and more. I found when I worked part time I had more time for planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, watering and of course weeding my garden. I bought a place where the original owner had lined the boarder with an array of ‘edible’ trees – bay leaf, olives, pomegranates, apples, cherries and peach trees.  A fabulous foundation.

Home grown fruit and vegetables are fresher and more nutritious than shop bought produce. COVID-19 has seen many of us restricted to our homes. This has seen more of us growing herbs, vegetables and planting fruit trees.  For others this has been a way of life for years.

What do you grow in your garden?