It seems to me that the key to acceptance is – Apply it to your life.

Acceptance can be applied to so many aspects of your life. Acceptance of: love; gifts; help; acknowledgement; yourself; your emotions; your circumstances; others; and change.

Regardless of what acceptance is applied to it helps your frame of mind. It can put you at ease, or enable you to see things from another perspective, or take complements graciously.


For me self-acceptance is a great place to start. Self-acceptance can be about understanding your current circumstances and accepting them as they are. This is preferable to the alternative of dealing with regret, or resentment or wishing things were different. Self-acceptance can also help you know yourself. This understanding brings you a multitude of insights about yourself.

  • Knowing what makes your heart sing.
  • Knowing your likes and dislikes.
  • Knowing your boundaries.
  • Recognising similarities between yourself and others.

Accessing these elements of yourself opens up an inner peace and can lead to a lightness in how you approach your life and others.

Acceptance of Others

Letting people be themselves is another way to apply acceptance. Building rapport with people involves letting them know you appreciate their contributions and understand that they will approach things differently to you. Regarding differences as a benefit goes a long way to creating harmonious relationships. Appreciating differences is preferable to resenting them or getting angry.

Embrace Diversity

We all make choices that shape our lives. We all have values, beliefs and preferences. Accepting that everyone has their own unique set, helps us to work together. Understanding everyone will act and think differently to you goes a long way in accepting difference as a part of life, rather than a problem.

When people don’t accept the differences in others, problems arise. Highlighting differences often leads to feelings of separation and divide.

Actions for you to Love Your Life

Acceptance is a powerful tool that can assist in leading a harmonious life.

Next time something irritates you – see if one of these acceptance elements are out of alignment. Bring it back into alignment and you may find you see everything in a new light.

It is easier for us to change our own view point than to expect others to change.

Acceptance is a great way to help you feel at ease, regardless of the circumstances. What has acceptance helped you with?