Artwork by Ruby Silvious

Ruby Silvious started a visual diary in 2015. Ruby had two goals in mind:

  1. To push her creative practice and
  2. Share her art on social media hoping to spark a different kind of inspiration.

She succeeded – turning her visual diary into a book – 363 Days of Tea   

For Ruby reimagining the discarded as art inspires new forms of creativity. She hopes that people viewing her art are changed in some way, perhaps with a renewed belief in the art of the possible.

Having recently discovered Ruby Silvious artwork I’m in awe.

Her media for her visual diary is tea bags. Ruby’s delightful and skilful images transform the soggy stained tea bag into brilliant artworks. In her words she draws, paints and collages moody, evocative and sometimes whimsical art on used teabag paper.

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Follow Ruby on Instagram @silvirub to see her treatment of shoes, egg shells, pistachio shells, ceramics and kimonos.