Kjeragbolten, Lysefjorden, Norway

Cliffs are remarkable examples of nature’s magnificence. Incredible rock formations. I was surprised to find that in 2016 the white cliffs of Dover were painted with gloss paint and also surprised to find my photo of white cliffs were in East Sussex rather than Dover. Cliffs have been used: to test the courage of soldiers; by nesting birds and by keen abseilers. Enjoy these sensational cliffs from all around the world.

#1 Llanes Coast, Asturias, Spain, #2 Macry Cave, Milos photo by Rod Feldman, Greece, #3 Seven Sisters Cliff, East Suusex, England, #4 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Photo by Jillian # 5 Unknown # 6 Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China photo by Ziyan C, #7 Albendeira, Algave, Portugal photo by Adam West, #8 Ormiston Gorge, Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territory Australia photo by Kerry Whitworth, #9 Pulpit Rock, Portland, Dorset, England photo by Raymond Bradshaw

More Jewels For You

The Wish List is a book by Eoin Colfer. My family came across the audio book read by James Wilby. Author Eoin Colfer weaves so many ideas into an age old story – Do the right thing, help others and you’ll go to Heaven – he modernises it with prowess, humor and takes you on a remarkable journey. I’ve mentioned this book here as it ends at the Cliffs of Moher. We’ve listened to the audio book so many times I was delighted to find one of my cliff photos was this location. James Wilby as the reader is fabulous. The number of voices he uses is amazing as he brings the many characters to life. Thank you to all involved.

If you have, or know, young teenagers I suggest you find them The Wish List.

Here are more cliffs for you to marvel over.

Where are your favourite cliffs?