Moss Temple Kyoto Japan

Moss is miraculous. One of the oldest land plants on earth. It has no roots and absorbs water.  I love its rich velvety green.  Where are you favourite moss covered places?

#1 Spain photo by Jacklyn #2 Moss Valley, South Korea photo by Tei Kim #3 Myoho-ji Temple mossy stairs – Kyoto Japan #4 Fairie Stair English Garden photo by KClarke Photograpy #5 Moss and Fern Mikurajima Island Japan photo by Shin Okamoto @shinokamoto #6 Moss and Trees photo by Rachel- Astralias Photography @rachel_jones_ross #7 Voice of Nature photo by Kevin Kalkreuter, Germany #8 Mossy trees and #9 iphone wallpapers

More Jewels For You

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania – Billy King walk is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful walks – through moss covered trees and rocks, beside clear streams. We were lucky enough to find a wombat in a tree trunk. The natural beauty of the place was spell binding.

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