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Work life balance is important. Love You Life is about the ‘life’ aspect – fitting what you love into your life. What are your dreams and aspirations? Here is inspiration galore.

About Me

Creativity has always been part of who I am. It enriches my life. Can you relate to that?  Are you the same?

It’s funny how we teach children to be creative right at the beginning of their lives, but then we ask them to put their creativeness behind them as they learn about more ‘sensible’ things. We teach kids to draw, to sing, and to play imaginative games … But then these are forgotten as children learn the skills that are meant to get them ready for modern life. Their music is replaced by maths, their drawing is replaced by essay writing …. But where does their imagination go? If you’re like me, your imagination, and the desire to create, stays around forever.

I began my professional life in the creative sector. At age 18, I planned to take the fashion world by storm! I studied fashion at RMIT University in Melbourne, and applied my creative skills in both Australia and the UK. But with the fashion sector changing due to globalization I eventually made the decision to retrain and move into a more ‘sensible’ career. I loved creating professionally, but I’d be lying if I said that I regretted that move. My ‘sensible’ career, with me becoming a Chartered Accountant, has given me financial stability. This path has provided me with interesting projects and opportunities, that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

But still, creativity is an important part of who I am. Creativity for me shows up in many ways like:

  • the fabulous clothes I wear to my office job – and yes, I do design and make some of them myself!
  • the decision to design and make a piece of furniture. My eldest child’s cot was an example – now that was a challenge, but the finished product was sensational. The part of that I was most proud of was the simple mechanism I designed to slide the side up and down!
  • the enjoyment I get from planning and planting a flower bed for next Spring.

Sometimes it can be challenging to fit in these creative elements. My job is demanding and I have family commitments. I often find myself well outside my comfort zone as I realize I need to learn new skills! It can seem too hard to find the time, and in our modern world it’s way too easy to buy somebody else’s creative efforts. However, undertaking the creative process, and seeing the results, adds immeasurable richness to my life.

I relate to Carole King’s beautiful words “My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue”. It is this rich tapestry and the benefits I know creativity provides me that now has me working with people who want to ease creativity back into their lives. If that’s you contact me.

Love Your Life is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Here are some of the Love Your Life opportunities

Love Your Life -Community is about the ‘life’ element of work life balance. I share what I love in themes – Money, Creativity, Relationships, Lifestyle, Nature and Community.

All of this is available to you at any time to inspire your creativity.

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