Old Street Lamps

Old street lamps are stunning examples of design and creativity. These jewels are from around the world – Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Boston, Moscow and Warsaw. The design of these gems are fabulous examples of creativity – some centuries old. 

More Jewels For You

Cover Lantern – Barcelona, Spain Lantern on Portal de l’Angel – photo by Arnim Schulz

Blue Lanterns – Paris, France – photo by Parisian Moments Paris Photography

Lit lanterns with dark blue sky – Paris, France

Lit Lanterns with golden light – Venice, Italy , Lanterns – photo by Adolfo Carli

Lanterns with green background – Boston, America, Congress Street Bridge – photo by Peter Russell

Row of bronze lamps over the Seine River – Paris, France – Alexander III Bridge – photo by Jorge Sanmartin Maissa

Black and white lanterns Venice, Italy, Venice Lanterns – photo by Richard Nahem on his Eye Prefer Paris blog

Lamps on central stem – Moscow, Russia, Lanterns  – photo published by “This Isn’t Me @elizabethdusza

Scroll through these magnificent examples. There are sensational lanterns with fabulous character.

Where are your favourite old street lamps?

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