Water crossings are an essential part of our lives – regardless of where we live. Here are fabulous examples from around the world. I’ve chosen these, not only for the ingenuity, but also the glorious colours and photography.

#1 Location – Rio Ixcan, Guatemala. Photo by Abel Juarez #2 Location – Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. Photo by unknown #3 Location – Pakistan. Photo by Gulan Khan #4 Location – Diamon-zaka slope on Kumano pilgrimage trail, Wakayama Mountains, Japan. Photo by Hisa Nori #5 Location – Near Sapa, Vietnam. Photo by Skip Nall #6 Location – Hunza River, Pakistan. Photo by Denis LeGourrierec #7 Location – Fenghuang River, China. Photo by Ivan Serra

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Vancouver, Canada’s Capilano Suspension Bridge is an incredible example of a water crossing. Nancy Stibbard, the current owner’s vision is to ‘create experiences people are amazed by’. Another of Nancy Stibbard’s Capilano Group portfolio is the Stanley Park Pavillion. (I will save Stanley Park for other time as it is definitely a place I love).

Nancy’s successful expansion of the Capilano Group portfolio, to include other key tourist attractions around British Columbia and Alberta, was the reason she was awarded the Canadian Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007, along with many other awards. Nancy’s vision and achievements are wonderful examples of creating a Love Your Life Community.

Enjoy scolling through these examples of wonderful water crossing.

Have you been to any of these places? Are there any you would love to visit?