Isn’t this the million dollar question? Across the internet there are so many ideas on how to make money and so many people wanting to take your money by signing up to their ‘thing’. This is about my journey and what worked for me.

  1. Start young – I started working to assist my mother’s side hustle from the age – 10 or 12, My first job was ironing. Now I hate ironing, but it gave me a taste of having my own money. By 16 I have three different part time jobs – linked to my hobbies and abilities;
  2. Follow your instincts – My father always told me to be a dentist so I could have plenty of money and in my free time I could follow my passions.  This is the advice of hindsight. It comes from knowing it is a possible option and that it would allow for financial security and hobbies galore. It is not a choice from the heart. Knowing that following a creative path was what would light me up. Now speaking to colleagues and their experience of further education I see that I worked harder and longer than many – because I loved it!!! For me I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be immersed in what I loved doing. This passion gave me a career for 10 years.
  3. Find your niche and thrive – my creative career changed over time and resulted in my retraining – Exactly 10 years after I started University I returned. Working and studying kept me busy, giving me more strings to my bow. Actually a new bow altogether. I gained the highest qualification I could get in my new field. It was a 9 year process. Over these years I met a guy, moved cities, bought a house, got married and had 2 kids. Life was happening at a rapid pace. Changes in my life resulted in me changing jobs to find a role that suited my abilities, gave me the work-life balance I wanted, gave me autonomy and challenged me. These are the things I’m looking for in my roles. Recently I was promoted.

What money making tips have worked for you?