China’s Fujian – Xinhua

Seeing the beauty of these tea plantations it’s no wonder tea tastes so good. Not surprisingly the Cameron tea plantation promotes itself as extremely spectacular – invigorating mind and soul. I agree just by looking at these photos – imagine what it would be like to actually be there. Malaysian Tea Plantations, according to Sukanya Sen, are another must see spectacular visual paradise for nature admirers and tea lovers. If you are not near Malaysia see Sukanya Sen’s other travel suggestions.

I’m sure part of the benefits from tea drinking come from sitting down, having a break, chatting and recharging your batteries.  Below are fabulous photos of tea plantations from around the world. Malaysia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Korea. If you’re interested in the health benefits of tea read on.

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Hidden health benefits of tea – Penn Medicine website shows which types of tea have which health benefits.  By clicking the link above you can see what benefits your favourite tea has – Or work out which type of tea can help you.

What do you love about tea?