Marienburg Castle Library, Germany – Buzzfeed article

Vaulted ceilings amaze me. Especially these gorgeous examples. I find them fascinating with the intricate patterns and incredible shapes. I wonder how they stay up at all. These amazing examples come from cathedrals, libraries and palaces. Which is your favourite?

1 Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham, London, UK 2 Bodleian Library, Oxford University, UK photo by Elizabeth Purcell @ecvpurcell 3 Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, UK photo by Lawrence OP 4 Porto Cathedral, Porto, Portugal by 5 Notre Dame, Paris, France 6 Lavender Cathedral St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna Austria photo by Walter Weinberg 7 Ely Cathedral, England included in Most impressive ceilings of all time- Mozaico 8 Staircase to the Great Hall, Christ Church, Oxford, England phot by Dom Cram @domcram 9 Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, Surrey, UK

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