Prague, Czech Republic Photo by Hercules Milas

The astronomical clock in Prague is two stories high and absolutely fantastic. The scale of it is hard to grasp by looking at a photo. Have you been there?

Astronomical clocks are incredible. The mechanisms to operate them as well as the sensational designs.

Which is your favourite?

1 Prague Astronomical Clock detail photo by Darby Sawchuk Photography 2 Medieval Clock in Wells Cathedral, Oxford photo by archidave 3 Zytglogge “Time Bell”, Bern, Swiss-German photo and article by Sean Lorentzen 4 Town Hall Clock Innsbruck, Austria (copy of Ulm Town Hall clock) clock created by Bernard Leitner 5 Unknown 6 Anker Clock in Hoher Markt, Vienna photo by Leon Reed 7 Oslo City Hall Clock and Statue photo by unknown 8 Germany’s Munster Cathedral 1540 from article by 9 Kitchen, Musee d’Orsay, Paris photo by Angelo Ferraris

I love all these photos and clocks. The last one is a view from the inside of a clock – a kitchen of Musee d’Orsay. Isn’t it fabulous?

Here are more wonderful examples.