Space to yourself is something to be cherished. It’s great for wellbeing and work-life balance. To enjoy my space I relax, plan and create. What do you cherish about your space?

When I lived in shared houses, when looking for a new housemate, I would select people who had hobbies and interests that would take them out of the house. I also had activities that meant I was not always at home.  This gave us all space in the house meaning we didn’t all crowd each other.  Giving others, and ourselves, space enables us all to be ourselves, rejuvenate, relax – in other words provides a real sense of freedom.

Space is also supposed to be a basis for stirring up desire for partners…. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

An important element of space is to not have too much of it. There needs to be a feeling of scarcity. People who do lots often fit more in. From my experience this is because they already work efficiently and have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

There is another element to cherishing space – that is you have to chose to have the space. If the space is thrust upon you, unexpected, or you have too much of it, you are less likely to cherish it. In these circumstances space can be overwhelming or unwanted. It can also lead to feelings of boredom and resentment. Again that feeling of scarcity of time plays a role in how space is perceived.

Many people also fill space with work. Work can provide us with a feeling of self-worth and a level of dependability. If work makes us feel valued, or give us structure, it can become the ‘go-to’ for our ‘free space’ time.  This is the slippery slope to work-life balance. Working long hours. Feeling like you have to work after dinner or late into the night. There are times in your life where you may be studying as well as working full time – where this will happen. If you are working like this every day it is time to think about re prioritising your time and claiming back you space. Often people in this category don’t have enough hobbies.

So take on choosing your space. There are so many options of things to do. What do you do when cherishing your space?